Reveals the Top Reasons 'Singles' are Scaring off 'First Dates'

Today, revealed the findings of their latest survey about what singles are thinking about after a first date and has shared tips on how to...

Eco-dumping: Dating partners increasingly value environmental commitments

Have you ever called it quits on a date because you felt the other person didn't care enough about the environment? This practice is referred to as "eco-dumping," It is prevalent among Gen Z members, who are increasingly seeking...

The Right Stuff: The brand-new dating app that is unpopular with women

The Right Stuff's debut certainly tends to imply the significance of political orientation for women wishing to date as well as shows that many American women do indeed consider the right-wing values to be "the wrong stuff."

Sugs for Sugar Daddy to Deal with Sugar Babies and His Family

While it's widely known that married sugar daddies have a secret life on the side, what's less talked about is how they balance their families and their sugar babies. Most married sugar daddies can compartmentalize their lives quite well, keeping their family and Sugar Baby worlds separate...

Tips for Sugar Baby - Dos and Don'ts for Sugar Daddy Dating

As a sugar baby, it is your responsibility to make sure that your sugar daddy is satisfied with all you have to offer, your concern, and your company. He will go to any level to give you money and presents you could never even dream of receiving. Following are some guidelines for dating a sugar daddy:

Cancer-stricken mother set up a Times Square billboard to help her daughter find love

Just last week, a 47 by 25 feet billboard ad rose above the city and can be seen through multiple crossroads. They said the billboard was right above the Tonic which reads, "Date my daughter," together with Molly's photo and dating profile URL...

Things you should know before preparing your Valentine's Day gifts in a new relationship

When selecting a gift for your particular someone, it's vital to think about what they'll love the most. Finding the ideal gift, whether you're on your honeymoon or have been together for years, maybe difficult. How do you select fun and personal present for your...

Age Gap relationships increased and become more common today

However, if there was a significant difference where the female was a couple of decades older than the guy she was dating then it would receive more criticism than the older man dating the younger woman.

Why are people reluctant to date this winter?

Levels of loneliness have significantly increased during the lockdowns, however, even after the restrictions have been eased, people haven't rushed out for finding a new date. They neither want to date casually nor seriously. Why do people feel ambivalent or indifferent about dating?

Celebs Go Dating will return next year due to some cast members in COVID isolation

At least four stars who will feature in the next 10th season of the E4 dating show have been barred from shooting, according to sources in The Sun. This is owing to the self-isolation laws now in effect.

6 tips you need to know before starting interracial dating

Because of #BlackLivesMatter, people have discussed race and racism extensively in the past few months. Racism has been around for centuries, and it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. Engaging in interracial relationships is undoubtedly...

Feds remind online daters to beware of romantic scammers

A Nigerian man is in trouble with the law. He conned money from online daters, and feds say it's a "years-long romance scam." The man pleaded guilty to scamming around $400,000, which most of it got taken from people he met on Facebook...

A simple guide for seniors before starting online dating

Online dating seems to have many questions for people over 50. What's the best way to figure out which ones are best for you? Is it going to be simple to work with? Which are the ones that are most likely to lead to a romantic relationship?

Is it possible for a sugar baby to have open relationships?

Some inexperienced sugar babies often have queries about sugar dating. One of the most popular questions these new sugar babies ask is whether it is possible to date more than one sugar daddy during the same period?

Erika Jayne Reveals What She Is Looking for While Dating Amid Tom Girardi Divorce: 'Every Girl Likes a Guy With Money'

Rumors were going around that the TV celebrity was going back into the dating pool and the _TMZ_ even reported that she had been spotted on several dates. Erika acknowledged that the rumors were true, and she was specifically looking for a man with brains and bucks.

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