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Today, revealed the findings of their latest survey about what singles are thinking about after a first date and has shared tips on how to avoid common pitfalls that can cause problems for first-time daters. The company behind over 30 online dating sites is headquartered in the UK and is one of the largest online dating service providers in the world. The first date is a crucial step to dating success, but can also be fraught with pitfalls that lead to breakups or awkward moments.

Reports from show that 67% of participants admitted to being troubled by these problems on their first date. Another study notes the average person is ghosted 3 times a week before finally deciding to call it quits on relationships. A third of participants admitted to being ghosted by multiple people, and one person even claimed they were ghosted a whopping 10 times in just one day!

Dating Expert Maria Sullivan, the Vice President of, said that the first date is often seen as the make-or-break point for singles. If it goes well, there is potential for a second date and if it doesn't go well, there's no chance of seeing each other again. These dates can be nerve-wracking as you try your best to plan a perfect evening in an attempt to impress your new friend.

Singles are looking for meaningful connections, so don't waste their time and treat them respectfully. You should be aware that you may scare your date away with inconsiderate or flippant behavior. It is not about being romantic all the time or trying to impress them with material things, it is about making them feel like you understand where they're coming from and what they need from someone at that moment. Otherwise, they may not want to invest any more time.

Most of the participants said

Too soon and not ready to decide: 53% of survey respondents reported that they were scared off by a potential new relationship with someone who wanted to commit straight away.

Respect everyone: When on a first date, people often notice how their date behaves when interacting with others. If a person is rude to a waiter, cashier, or bartender, 47% of daters reported that they wouldn't want to go on a date with the person again.

The date is more important than the phone: For those people on a date who are constantly checking their phone, there's some bad news. 76% of people surveyed said they would not pursue a relationship with such a person. So put the phone away and enjoy your time together!

Learn to listen: This study showed that 34% of people had a bad first date because their date talked about themselves non-stop. As the old adage goes, the best indicator, of whether someone is interested in you, is that they listen to you and try to understand your thoughts and feelings.

I am someone else: Why dwell on the past when you can start living in the present? In fact, 41% of people agreed that talking about an ex too much was a date-breaker. Focus on your future!

Comply with the time: Late, unpunctual arrivals are something that should never be tolerated or excused. In reality, over 60% of singles surveyed said that they would not go on a second date with someone who showed up late for their first date.

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Tips for a successful first date

When coming on a date, stay present and do not make plans for future events. Doing so will make you seem more interested. If you are physical with others but have your mind elsewhere, other people will be stressed out/bored. Plus, don't worry too much about what a date might mean for your future with them too soon. They might not see things the same way as you, but after a first date, it's possible that you and them will end up together. You may change your plans for your love. Do not miss a great opportunity by worrying about the future, Instead, try to see where they take you.

The right talking, the right listening. Do your best to actively listen and/or initiate conversation, it's especially important on a first date so that you can get to know each other better. Talking and listening are equally important. So don't share yourself too aggressively and ignore the other person.

The one does not love you no matter what you become. To make a memorable impression on your first date, it's important to be yourself and avoid trying to mimic your partner's opinions or interests. You don't have to have the same likes or dislikes as your partner, but be genuine in your own opinion. On the surface, singles often change their behavior in order to avoid being rejected when they're first getting to know someone. This behavior can be exhausting in the short term, and it's more and more difficult to maintain over time. For those who have had their date turn them down for differing opinions, it's important to note that this person clearly does not have the same goals for the future as you do. Finding someone who is excited about your life and wants to grow with you is critical in order to develop a healthy relationship.

A Japanese song: It's not that she doesn't like you. It's not that she doesn't like your gift. It's not that she doesn't like that umbrella. She just doesn't like you.

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