Sugs for Sugar Daddy to Deal with Sugar Babies and His Family

married sugar daddies have a secret life Married sugar daddies have a secret life

While it's widely known that married sugar daddies have a secret life on the side, what's less talked about is how they balance their families and their sugar babies. Most married sugar daddies can compartmentalize their lives quite well, keeping their family and Sugar Baby worlds separate. This can be done in several ways, but most commonly it involves setting strict boundaries with regard to time and communication.

A Discrete Relationship With The Sugar Baby

The most important factor in maintaining a successful relationship with a sugar baby is discretion. It's crucial that the sugar daddy is clear from the outset that this is a clandestine affair and must be kept secret at all costs. This means no phone calls or text messages during work hours, no social media interaction, and always using protection during encounters.

No Love Affair

Of course, one of the biggest dangers of having a sugar baby is developing feelings for her. While it's certainly possible to keep things purely physical, it's important that the sugar daddy be honest with himself (and his sugar baby) about whether or not he can maintain that kind of relationship. If there's even a chance that emotions might come into play, it's best to end things before they get too complicated.

Satisfy the Sugar Baby

It's also important to remember that a sugar baby is not a free ride. Just because he's married and has money doesn't mean that he can take advantage of his sugar baby. A good sugar daddy will make sure that his sugar baby is happy and satisfied, both emotionally and physically. This includes being generous with gifts and financial support, as well as being attentive and responsive to her needs. If the sugar baby is well cared for, she won't try to interfere in his personal life.

Rich and Experienced

Of course, not all married sugar daddies are rich and experienced. Some are simply looking for a little extra excitement in their lives, while others are trying to escape from a sexless marriage. Whatever the case may be, it's important to be honest about what you're looking for (and what you're willing to offer) before getting into a relationship. A successful sugar daddy will be able to keep his personal life and relationships separate from his relationship with his sugar baby.

Monitor Finances

In order to keep a balance between their marriage and their sugar baby, sugar daddies need to closely monitor their finances. If money mysteriously disappears from a joint account, or if bills start falling behind, the wife may start noticing. If the husband is sneaky about his money and vague with his answers on where the money is going, it might make the wife suspicious.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing for a married sugar daddy to remember is that he has a responsibility to his family first and foremost. While it's certainly possible to have a successful and fulfilling relationship with a sugar baby, it's important that the sugar daddy keep his priorities in check. If he starts to neglect his family or his responsibilities, then it's time to end things with the sugar baby.

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