A 48 hour-Vibe by Tinder

Article Source: TechCrunch A 48 hour-Vibe by Tinder A 48 hour-Vibe by Tinder

The popular dating app-Tinder is getting a 48-hour vibe with the introduction of its new live event. Named, the Vibe, the event comes in the wake of an astounding first quarter earnings. The new event carries with it the legacy of previous live events of the giant dating app-Swipe Night and Swipe Surge. This event is sure to help users experience something unique that is sensitive and focused. It will also help the users give better ways to break the ice.

A brief description of the previous two events will help gain insights about the new Vibe. Swipe Surge, the event, helps in letting users know the traffic in the app in that area. It notifies the users in case of a surge. When there's a surge the activity may go upto 15% or higher. This surge increases users to get matched by approximately 250%. Users are alerted via push notifications when there's a surge. They also get a notification while they open the app.

Swipe Night, on the other hand, is an interactive series. The series allowed users to choose-their-own adventure. The narrative series empowered users to make their own choices, adventures of their own liking. The choices were made available on the user profile for quite sometime which provided an opportunity for the new matches to talk about.

The new event, Vibe, encompasses the features of both the previous events. Vibe combines the idea of sending push notification and an avenue of Swipe Night for users to initiate a conversation other than the usual cliched ey'.

Vibes presents users with a set of questions they can answer. These answers are displayed on their profiles for a period of 72 hours. When people get in touch with each other they can see each others response in their chat window. The new event will also encourage users into a video conversation which was started by the dating app last year.

Each event of vibe will last for a period of 48 hrs. The event will help the dating app giant decide on introducing better features for app engagement. The announcement comes in after the whooping Q1 results of Tinder.

The pandemic weather didn't stall the activities of the dating app. The covid season, protocols and safety measures still continued to boost the growth of Tinder. The app grew further with people feeling lonely and isolated due to the pandemic and started looking for ways and means to connect online.

The 2021 Q1 results of Tinder saw a growth of $668 million. This is 23% more revenue over the years. The non-tinder platforms garnered a growth of 30% and tinder a growth of 18% compared to the last quarter of 2020. The activities continued to be high in the first quarter similar to that of pre-covid times. The company notes, a daily swipe activity up by 15% and messages up by 19%. The conversations have gone up by 30% compared to the earlier times.

The company has promised to roll out Vibes in the later part of May.

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