Smart Sugar Dating During a Pandemic

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Sugar dating is when an attractive, younger person who is financially challenged (usually a young lady) dates a prosperous older person (typically a man). It's a mutual agreement, and often works out well for both parties. At first, sugar babies can be hesitant to experiment with such a lifestyle. But times like these---with things like a pandemic---can challenge us all to try something new.

Really, though, sugar dating isn't new at all. It's been around for years. Perhaps centuries.


The world has slowed to a crawl. Whether you are talking about sports, clubs, social gatherings, jobs or finances, the fast pace we're used to has ground almost to a halt. You're inside when you're home, and you're home a lot. Craving closeness, you get social distancing.

A relationship with mutual understanding---like a sugar dating relationship---might be just what you need.


It's just good to have a caring companionship. And although it might seem a bit frightening at first, the sugar baby/sugar daddy bond often grows very strong and enduring. Yet, in order for it to work out the way you want, you need to be clear about some things in the beginning. Certain terms need to be laid out, so both the sugar baby and sugar daddy know what to expect and what is expected of them.

Dating During The Pandemic Coronavirus-COVID-19


1. Identify Just What You Are Looking For

Sit down and think---What do I want?

Then, look around for a sugar daddy, and don't stop looking. There is a sugar date out there for you.

When you find a possible sugar daddy, be straight about what you will want and expect. Communicate. No games of emotional hide and seek. They aren't necessary here. Plus, they will only tire you out.

2. Set Clear Boundaries

Remember, in the beginning, this will resemble a business arrangement more than anything else. For an understanding of this type to last very long, there must be clear lines drawn. This is an area where the coronavirus might be a factor.

If you aren't comfortable with something---or your sugar date is uncomfortable---you both need to be aware of boundaries springing up. Otherwise, there might be confusion, or hurt.

So be extremely open about boundaries.

3. Show Respect

Mutual respect is a necessity if you wish for the arrangement to last.

You must be respectful of---

>> How the other person chooses to spend their time

>> What the other person wants/desires

>> What the other person feels

You will find that two people who are respectful toward one another are more compatible all around than two people who don't show respect. Respect is the bedrock of a good arrangement for the long term.

4. Show Appreciation

You might, even during Covid-19, find a great sugar daddy. But remember this one truth: Even the best sugar daddy in the world doesn't owe you squat. So be grateful.

What you receive from the arrangement was not something you were born deserving. A sugar baby gives the best she can---comfort and pleasure ---to a wealthy man.

A sugar daddy gives what he can---a life of ease and enjoyment---to a pretty young lady. You both get something good. So keep words of appreciation on the tip of your tongue.

5. Communicate Well

Frustrating though it might be, Covid-19 could force the beginning of your sugar dating into a cycle of video chatting, phone calls and texts. Make them count. Even in a relationship where people see each other every day, communication is often the deciding factor in whether they stay together.

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