The founder of Sugarbook, a sugar daddy dating platform, was arrested by Malaysian police

Article Source: Straits Times The founder of Sugarbook was arrested The founder of Sugarbook was arrested

A team computed by personnel from the Selangor Criminal Investigation Department, together with Shah Alam, arrested a 34-year-old man named Darren Chan, according to CID chief Fadzil Ahmat.

According to the chief deputy commissioners in a statement released on Thursday, February 18, the man was arrested at the condominium complex in Mont Kiara at about 4.30 pm on Wednesday, he is a native of Gelugor, Penang.

Also, he will be placed before the Shah Alam court that same day to proceed to preventive detention. Fadzil noted that early investigations have revealed that the suspect has confessed that he is the founder of the Sugar book.

This case is being investigated for circulating statements, reports, or rumors to want to cause alarm or fear in the public, in addition to sharing all kinds of content that are offensive or threatening, even with the possibility of prostitution.

In this way, the Superior Court has rejected this request to keep this man in preventive detention for him to be questioned by the police, promising that he would fully cooperate with the investigation.

That same Thursday night, this man was arrested again, saying that it is necessary to facilitate this investigation with the cases of rape and prostitution that are going to involve a student who is going to university.

The head of the Selangor Criminal Investigation Deartameto was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying that this person has been arrested again due to another incident that occurred in Subang Jaya together a year later.

The complaint of a university student was produced.

Sugarbook tries to match sugar daddies and sugar babies, that is, older men and young women in a financial arrangement.

This dating platform has attracted a lot of attention from the public, but also the authorities as it named a total of 10 public and proven Malaysian universities as they have a large number of students who choose to be sugar babies who are looking for sugar daddies' finance support, according to the news site Free Malaysia Today.

On Tuesday, the country's Communications and Multimedia Commission blocked access to the Sugarbook website because it violates the law on the use of both network facilities, as well as network services.

The regulator of this industry has published a specific notification on this website saying that it had specifically violated section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act of 1998.

The founder of Sugarbook The founder of Sugarbook

But, it was later learned that the developer of the sugar book himself has created another site to allow users to continue accessing the blocked page.

Before, this communications commission pointed out that they were monitoring Sugarbook and that the pertinent edits would be taken with both users. as with the owners of these platforms if they violate the law in particular.

In this way, we can stop this business that has to do with sugar daddies and sugar babies, since society may think that this is about prostitution, although it really may not be the case.

Smart Sugar Dating During a Pandemic

Sugar dating is a mutual agreement, and often works out well for both parties. At first, sugar babies can be hesitant to experiment with such a lifestyle. But times like these---with things like a pandemic---can challenge us all to try something new.

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